The mysterious underwater world …

For many, it is a dream to be able to observe and experience the uniqueness and magic of a tropical coral reef at close range within their own homes.
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The secrets and mysteries of the underwater world…

For many it is only something to dream about, discovering the wonders, mysteries and secrets of the tropical reefs from within the immediate proximity.

Just made this dream come true for you!

With the advanced aquarium and filtration technology together with a high quality nature like marine water, it would be a easy to realize undertaking to bring the fascinating biodiversity and beauty of a tropical coral reef within your own home.
hw® Wiegandt offers you a wide range of high quality products to easily create nature like water condition for any kind of marine aquarium you want to realize. With the very easy to handle aquarium technology, one thing should never be forgotten…
…the most important prerequisite for the successful keeping and maintaining of a marine  reef aquarium is a absolutely high quality marine water.

hw Wiegandt, hw-Marinemix reefer P-Eimer mit 20 kg

hw® Meersalze / hw® Marinemix

Constantly effectuated quality monitoring, on which you can rely on.

The hw-Marinemix® marine salt formulations offers a highly pure marine water with optimal water parameters, suitable for all kind of marine life forms. The provision of absolute pure and nature like marine water is the indispensable presupposition for successful Reef- and Marine Aquarium keeping.

The hw® Marinemix marine salts are only produced in our own production plants in Krefeld/Germany, which is one of the most advanced and sophisticated production plants for marine salt formulations worldwide.
More than 50 years of experience, research activities and manufacturing of high quality marine salt formulations stands behind the engineering and realization.
All product touching parts consist of non-corrosive, stainless steel or high resistant plastic materials which are also being used in the aerospace technology.

The Bio-elements (also known as bio-active substances of the marine water) in hw-Marinemix salts

Since the early 1980er all hw-Marinemix® formulations are equipped with the bio-elements like they are also present and detectable in the natural marine environment.

Bio-elements* (so-called bio-catalysts: enzymes, hormones, vitamins) are purely organic substances, which are present in natural sea water and have important functions. Bio-elements are responsible for the metabolism and largely regulate growth, vitality, blood formation, mating behavior, cell reproduction and resistance to infectious diseases. The resultant effects on marine animals and algae not only enable optimal keeping, but are also a precondition for successful breeding.
With realizing the implementation of the bio-elements in hw-Marinemix®, hw® WIEGANDT has established new standard in the professional marine water aquaristic and was far ahead of the times.

*Definition according to Brockhaus Lexicon

hw Wiegandt, hw miratip, PE-Flasche 1000 ml, mit 20 ml Messbecher

The trace-elements in hw-Marinemix®

hw-Marinemix® marine salts only contains such trace-elements like the once which was possible to detect and which presence was proof in natural, unpolluted marine water.
The search for resources and technological developments in general, have lead to significant advances in the development of analytical equipment and measuring methods, the accuracy of which often exceeds conventional methods many thousand times.
The generous provision of research ships with modern measuring technology has enabled in the past years seawater to be tested more accurately using new and more precise methods than has been previously possible.
The results show that the majority of trace elements occur in a considerably lower concentration in the sea than previously assumed. At the same time, the existence of several elements in sea water was unable to be proven as previously assumed.
We are of the opinion that elements that cannot be detected, even using the latest analytical methods, are totally unsuitable for hw-Marinemix® marine salts.
The trace elements contained in hw-Marinemix® are introduced as so called „mixed crystals“ as only in this way a efficient distribution of the trace elements in the total mixture can be ensured.

hw Wiegandt, hw MineralMarin, PP-Eimer mit 5 kg


hw®-Mineral-Salt-Formulations for the comfortable re-mineralization and adaptation of water parameters

Depending how strong a aquarium is populated with different species of corals and other marine life forms, the concentrations of essential minerals can drop down very fast up to coming to a undersupply of these minerals. Specially the reef building organism like stone corals can generate a massive need of minerals when the growing conditions are favorable. The prime elements are hereby Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium and Carbonate, which are primly needed to build up the supporting skeleton of the corals. In the most classical marine aquarium this effect could be compensated just through the periodical weekly water changes . If the aquarium is a reef aquarium with a strong growing population of stone corals, the consumption of the minerals quickly reach levels which could not be only compensated by regular partly water changes.

hw Wiegandt, CalciumMarin PP-Eimer mit 5.000 g Inhalt
hw Wiegandt, hw MagnesiumMarin, PP-Eimer mit 5 kg

Consequences of not responded mineral deficits

One of the consequences would be that the corals would stop there growth and to degenerate in their growth forms, which can lead in some cases up to seriously damages in the organic tissue culminating in a complete die back of the coral.

Mostly it would be intended to too prevent such situation by adding simple salts like Calcium chloride and Magnesium chloride to the aquarium. In short terms this always better than nothing but over longer time it will come to a heavy displacement of ion balance of the aquarium water.

This will simple caused by the fact, that after the marine life forms has adsorbed for example the Calcium ion, the Chloride ion will still remain (remember you has added Calcium chloride to elevate the Ca-level). The same will happened with the added Magnesium chloride… the chloride will remain.

After several month the chloride ions will accumulate more and more in your Aquarium (by the periodical water changes you will always only remove a proportional part of the accumulated chlorides).

A component has to be added to „donate“  sodium ions for the over boarding amount of remaining chloride ions. The simplified end result would be in this way simple NaCl sodium chloride.

This rising up of the NaCl will take a long time period (several month) till it will be noticed by an slowly increase of the density/specific gravity/salinity of the water. Even this effect could be only reported if there was no normal water changes made over all this time period.
An increasing of the salinity, provoked by this effect  could be normally compensated by simply replacing a few liters of the aquarium water with freshwater. Minor fluctuations in the salinity would be tolerated in a reef tank similar like the seasonal fluctuations (monsoon rain in reef regions for example) in the reef regions. A permanent and steadily increasing ion displacement is a total unnatural procedure which will lead to corresponding reactions of the affected system.

With the hw® Mineral salt formulations you get the possibility to counteract mineral

hw®-Supplementing Salts

The hw®-Supplementing Salts makes it possible to specifically counteracts the taking place mineral consumption in closed environment of the marine aquarium. The elements which has to be most frequently supplemented are the alkaline earth ions like Calcium, Magnesium and there carbonate conjunctions as part of the carbonate alkalinity .

To be able to supplement especially this elements, without coming into the risk to cause unwanted displacements of the marine water ion balance, a special system has been created.

With this system remaining and redundant chloride and sodium ions, in the correct mass relation, results to NaCl or common salt.

Taking in consideration that NaCl is one of the major elements of marine water it has to be found a way to compensate this steadily increase of the NaCl part. To be able to realize this the application of a NaCl „free“ marine salt mix is one of the best methods. The salinity will therefore slowly but steadily rise up but this can be easily compensated with the next water change by adding some more fresh water.

With the hw®-Supplementing Salts a basis is offered to realize the supplementing of this elements in accordance to the needs of your aquarium.

As a more comfortable and safe application, we can recommend the precisely worked out hw® Mineral-Salt-Formulations. With the hw® Mineral-Salt-Formulations all influencing factors are already taken in consideration and the application as also the exact dosing becomes very simple.

hw Wiegandt,

Care products & water additives

hw® marine water additives and care products

Creating optimum conditions for a natural, marine biodiversity

Marine water aquariums and over all the marine reef aquariums are marvelous, artificially created little biotope with their own and very delicate biological equilibrium. The base on which this delicate biological equilibrium rely on, is the unencumbered and consistent high quality of the aquarium water.

hw® Wiegandt water conditioners and water additives for marine aquaristic offers the main key to achieve an excellent marine water quality and to ensure healthy water conditions in your marine aquarium.

Since over 50 years hw® WIEGANDT aquaristic care products for marine aquarium are being recognize among experts as a main synonym for absolute high quality.

The steadily optimizing and further development of hw® products basing on the most recent scientific findings offers a unrivalled quality standard in the marine aquaristic which, also in the future, will be hardly to find elsewhere.

mw filtermedien

hw® special filter media for marine and reef aquariums

As the aquarium only looks good and healthy, when even the water is crystal clear, the filtration of the aquarium water is one of the points with elementary importance.
The filtration and cleaning of the aquarium is a lot more than only removing visible suspended particles and sediments. The main challenge of a really god working filtration is to remove all the solved organic and an-organic harmful substances out of the aquarium water.

The best prerequisites to meeting this task demands are special pre-conditioned, high capacity active carbons. When designing the hw® filter media we always use and rely as base, on a ultraclean, high capacity active carbon as also on minerals and semi-synthetically carrier materials. This chosen materials would be than specially conditioned and combined so that they focused particularly on the pollutants to be removed.

hw® filter media sets their main focus specially on the point, where normal filter material (filter floss and fleece, filter foam blocks, clay tubes, ceramic parts, etc.) meets their absolute limits. With the hw® filter media we have designed and realized filtrating materials for special assignments. hw® filter media realize the neutralization and binding of, in the aquarium water solved dyes, noxious and harmful substances which in other way would very difficult to capture.

hw Meerwasserprodukte, hw Wiegandt

All seawater products

Are you looking for other seawater products? You can find all products in our product catalog

Exploring the Wonders of Seawater and Reef Aquaristics

Delving into the captivating realm of seawater and reef aquaristics is like embarking on an oceanic odyssey right within the confines of your home. It’s a journey that immerses you in the mesmerizing beauty of marine life and the delicate balance of aquatic ecosystems. At the heart of this captivating world lies the key to success – the precise interplay of marine salt, an intricate dance orchestrated by the forces of nature and advanced aquarium technology.

The Elixir of Marine Life: Marine Salt

Marine salt, the lifeblood of your aquatic haven, plays a pivotal role in mimicking the ocean’s harmonious composition. Our premium synthetic sea salt, painstakingly developed and rigorously tested, embodies the essence of the deep blue. It’s a symphony of salt minerals meticulously formulated to replicate the very elements that sustain vibrant marine life. With every dissolution, it weaves a tale of authenticity, ensuring that your aquarium is a true reflection of the captivating sea.

Harmony in Composition: Salt Minerals

The orchestration of marine magic demands a careful selection of salt minerals. Our synthetic sea salt mix is a masterpiece composed of essential elements, trace minerals, and beneficial compounds. These meticulously measured ingredients harmonize to replicate the complex web of interactions present in natural seawater. From the shimmering scales of fish to the intricate structures of corals, these salt minerals are the building blocks of thriving marine ecosystems.

Central to the success of seawater and reef aquaristics is advanced aquarium technology, including cutting-edge filtration systems. These technological marvels harness the power of innovation to replicate the natural processes that sustain aquatic life. Filtration becomes a dance of precision, removing impurities and maintaining optimal sea water parameters. With the right technology at your fingertips, you’re poised to create a haven where marine creatures flourish.

Creating the Perfect Marine Environment: Marine Salt Mix

The heart of any successful seawater and reef aquarium lies in maintaining impeccable sea water parameters. Our marine salt mix serves as a gateway to achieving these parameters effortlessly. It encapsulates the essence of a thriving coral reef, ensuring that your aquatic sanctuary reflects the natural harmony of the deep blue. With every dissolution, you’re breathing life into your aquarium, fostering an environment where marine life thrives.

Creating and sustaining the perfect marine environment requires a deep understanding of sea water parameters. From salinity and pH levels to mineral concentrations, each parameter contributes to the delicate equilibrium of your aquarium. Our synthetic sea salt mix is your partner in this delicate choreography, providing the essential elements needed to fine-tune your aquatic masterpiece.

For those captivated by the exquisite allure of corals, nurturing their growth is an art form. Our marine salt mix becomes your canvas, allowing you to sculpt an environment where corals thrive. The balance of salt minerals ensures vibrant colors, sturdy structures, and optimal growth. With each undulating polyp, you witness the magnificence of successful coral care.

The world beneath the waves is a tapestry of colors, textures, and life forms. Seamlessly blending advanced aquarium technology with the finest marine salt mix, you can unlock this world within your aquarium. The dance of sea water parameters becomes a mesmerizing symphony, where each element contributes to the grand crescendo of marine life thriving in its most authentic form.

Embarking on the journey of seawater and reef aquaristics is an invitation to explore a world brimming with wonder. It’s a realm where advanced aquarium technology meets the purity of our synthetic sea salt mix, and where sea water parameters become a canvas for the artistry of marine life. As you immerse yourself in this aquatic symphony, remember that your aquarium is not just a container – it’s a gateway to the captivating mysteries of the ocean.

Captivating Aquatic Realms

Step into a realm where marine magic unfolds with each ripple. Seawater and reef aquaristics is a testament to the beauty and resilience of ocean life. With our marine salt mix, advanced technology, and a passion for preserving the ocean’s majesty, you have the power to transform your aquarium into a captivating underwater world. Dive in and discover the art of equilibrium, where every drop of sea water carries the promise of a thriving marine haven.

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