Constantly effectuated quality monitoring, on which you can rely on.

The hw-Marinemix® marine salt formulations offers a highly pure marine water with optimal water parameters,  suitable for all kind of marine life forms. The provision of absolute pure and nature like marine water is the indispensable presupposition for successful Reef- and Marine Aquarium keeping.

hw-Marinemix® professional and hw-Marinemix® reefer are produced in our own production plants in Krefeld, in one of the most modern production plants for synthetic sea salt in Europe. All parts coming into contact with the product are made of stainless steel or high-quality synthetic materials, so that impurities due to production are reliably excluded.


The Bio-Elements (or also called bioactiven substancen of the natural marines water) in hw-Marinemix® formulations.

Since the early 1980er the hw-Marinemix® formulations are already equipped with the bio-elements like they are also present in the natural marine environment. It was a discovery made and brought to production line status by hw Wiegandt in the formulations of hw-Marinemix®.

Bio-elements* (so-called bio-catalysts: enzymes, hormones, vitamins) are purely organic substances, which are present in natural sea water and have important functions. Bio-elements are responsible for the metabolism and largely regulate growth, vitality, blood formation, mating behavior, cell reproduction and resistance to infectious diseases. The resultant effects on marine animals and algae not only enable optimal keeping, but are also a precondition for successful breeding and sets standards for marine aquaristic.

*Definition lt. Brockhaus Lexikon

The trace-elements in hw-Marinemix®

The search for resources and technological developments in general have led to significant advances in the development of analytical equipment and measuring methods, the accuracy of which often exceeds conventional methods many thousand times. The generous provision of research ships with modern measuring technology has enabled in the past 15 years seawater to be tested more accurately using new and more precise methods than has been previously possible. The results show that the majority of trace elements occur in a considerably lower concentration in the sea than previously assumed. At the same time, the existence of several elements in sea water was unable to be proven as previously assumed. We are of the opinion that elements that cannot be detected, even using the latest analytical methods, are totally unsuitable for hw-Marinemix marine salts. The trace elements contained in hw-Marinemix  are introduced as so called „mixed crystals“, a method we have practiced for over 50 years. Only in this way a efficient distribution of the trace elements in the total mixture can be ensured.

hw Wiegandt, hw-Marinemix reefer P-Eimer mit 20 kg
hw Wiegandt, hw-Marinemix reefer box with 20 kg

hw®-Marinemix reefer

This hw-Marinemix® formulation is specially designed to meet the elevated needs of minerals and specified trace-elements in a reef aquarium and the successful breeding of corals.

hw-Marinemix® reefer is a special designed hw® marine salt formulation with the main focus on meeting and satisfying the requirements of high sophisticated reef aquariums with a strong population of stone corals, crustaceans, scallops and other invertebrates. The process of growth and also the natural pigmentation of organic tissues will be strongly improved and the micro biology of the complete aquarium system will strongly gain on stability.

  • Enriched with Calcium and Magnesium for enhanced coral growth
  • perfectly adapted to the requirements of up-to-date reef aquaristic
  • incomparable Bio-Catalyst-System, basing on the references of natural marine environment.
  • with natural amino acids and a organic stabilized iodine from.
  • Contains all natural elements and trace-elements of natural sea water
  • optimal carbonate hardness / alkalinity and natural stabilized pH-buffer-system
  • free of Nitrates, Phosphates and other unwanted chemical elements
  • High, clear and fast solubility in water

hw-Marinemix® reefer contains all trace-elements present in unpolluted natural tropical marine water, which stays completely and easily soluble thanks to the mixed-crystals in the composition. Micro precipitations of trace-elements like in other marine salts often the case, could therefore not occur with hw-Marinemix reefer.

hw-Marinemix® reefer is an adapted further development of the successfully hw-Marinemix® professional proven for decades and primarily takes the changed requirements of modern reef aquaristic into account.

hw-Marinemix® reefer process a higher Calcium and Magnesium concentration which is a essential precondition for the successful growing of organic reef structures.

hw-Marinemix® reefer makes it possible to cover the always existing increased demand of essential needed elements to ensure a healthy growing and development of marine reef organism, just by realizing the periodically water changes.

hw-Marinemix® reefer also considers the interactions in the water chemistry which occur due to an increased need for minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and bio-catalysts, and compensates all resulting interactions in a natural and to a natural extent.

hw-Marinemix® reefer has been proven beneficial especially when targeting the care and growth of skeletogenic corals and mollusks  and significantly contributes to the healthy  development and colonization of larvae.

Even with most delicate corals the reproduction through fragmentation is enhanced and damages of organic coral tissue will be obviously reduced.

hw-Marinemix® reefer is only produced with raw materials proved by us and meeting our high standards of quality. All used components are also used in the pharmaceutical production (as long as available, highest on the production of pharmaceutical products focused quality level).

hw-Marinemix® reefer is continuously monitored and tested by us providing on this way a high quality and a constant composition. Additionally monitoring and board band analysis through an independent and DIN EN 45 001 accredited testing laboratory is your guaranty for highest hw®-Quality.

hw Wiegandt, Marinemix Professional 5kg
hw Wiegandt, hw Marinemix professional Karton mit 20 kg

hw-Marinemix® professional

The most used hw-Marinemix® for professional aquaristic as well as research and development applications.

hw-Marinemix® professional is the result of consistent further development of hw-Meersalz®, which has proved his reliability for over more than several decades. This decades of experience, research and continuous further development has made hw-Marinemix® professional a „conditio sine qua non“ in modern marine researches and aquaristic.

hw-Marinemix® professional is, like the name indicates, the marine salt formulation for professional applications and the sophisticated marine aquarist. hw-Marinemix® professional provides a ideal and unique flexible basis for all kind of marine aquaristic projects as it dissolves to a absolute nature like marine water. Offering a stable natural buffer system which tolerates also peaks in the upcoming of organic acids like it can occurs in breeding tanks.

hw-Marinemix® professional offers the possibility, starting from nature like marine water parameters, to realize nearly any needed water parameter levels. All water parameters can be easily increased to the desired levels and providing on this way the ideal starting base for all kind of marine environments or scientific research applications.

  • With natural calcium and magnesium concentration resulting in
    a seawater composition virtually identical to natural seawater
  • Free of chemical and environmental pollutants
  • Unique biocatalyst system based on the analyses of natural seawater
  • Optimal carbonate hardness (alkalinity) and a natural, stable pH buffer
  • free of Nitrates, Phosphates and other unwanted chemical elements
  • High, clear and fast solubility in water

Through the application of hw-CalciumMarin, hw-MagnesiumMarin and hw-BufferMarin it is possible to elevate all main water parameters in the desired or  needed level and concentration. hw-Marinemix® professional is free of phosphates, nitrates and silicates. hw-Marinemix® professional contains neither chemical binding agents or complexing agents. hw-Marinemix® professional contains all trace-elements present in the unpolluted natural marine water from the tropical reef regions.

The  trace-elements in hw-Marinemix® professional remain totally active and soluble due to the applied „micro-crystal-formation“.
The loose of trace-elements through micro precipitation or forming of insoluble compounds, like it occurs with other salt mixes, cannot happen with hw-Marinemix® professional.

hw-Marinemix® professional has been specially adjusted to the carbonic acid/calcium carbonate system present in nature. This buffer system, also called titration alkalinity, is important for a constant pH-value. It has a balancing effect on additional amounts acids and bases and keeps Calcium and Magnesium in solution.

hw-Marinemix® professional is only produced with raw materials proved by us and meeting our high standards of quality. All used components are also used in the pharmaceutical production (as long as available, highest on the production of pharmaceutical products focused quality level).

hw-Marinemix® professional is continuously monitored and tested by us providing on this way a high quality and a constant composition. Additionally monitoring and board band analysis through an independent and DIN EN 45 001 accredited testing laboratory is your guaranty for highest hw®-Quality.

Achieving Coral Breeding Success with High-Quality Synthetic Sea Salt Mix

In the realm of aquarium enthusiasts and marine life aficionados, the significance of a top-notch synthetic sea salt mix cannot be overstated. A successful breeding ground for the vibrant and delicate world of corals hinges on the precise composition of marine salt. Enter our meticulously crafted hw®-Marinemix Synthetic Sea Salt, a product that stands as the cornerstone of thriving aquarium ecosystems.

Premium Marine Salt Mix for Optimal Aquarium Conditions

The hw®-Marinemix Synthetic Sea Salt is more than just a blend; it’s a carefully engineered formula that mirrors the delicate balance of natural seawater. Crafted in our state-of-the-art production facility in Krefeld, Europe, this marine salt mix guarantees impeccable purity and consistency. Every granule is a testament to our commitment to your aquarium’s well-being.

Creating an environment conducive to the flourishing growth and successful breeding of corals demands precision. The hw®-Marinemix Synthetic Sea Salt ensures that your aquarium emulates the conditions of a thriving coral reef. Its optimal composition of essential elements and minerals creates the foundation for vibrant corals and marine life.

Breeding corals is a pursuit of dedication and passion, requiring a stable and nurturing habitat. Our hw®-Marinemix Synthetic Sea Salt takes the guesswork out of this delicate process. It provides the stability required for successful coral propagation, empowering aquarists and enthusiasts to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of new coral life.

When it comes to coral breeding, quality is non-negotiable. The hw®-Marinemix Synthetic Sea Salt is your assurance of premium marine care. By using our marine salt mix, you’re making a commitment to the impeccable health and vitality of your aquarium inhabitants, particularly your beloved corals.

Elevate Your Aquatic Journey

Embark on a journey where your aquarium becomes a canvas of flourishing marine life. The synergy of meticulous research and advanced production techniques has birthed the hw®-Marinemix Synthetic Sea Salt. It’s more than a product; it’s a catalyst for the successful breeding and nurturing of corals, elevating your aquarium into a mesmerizing underwater haven.

Discover the Benefits of Sea Salt Aquarium Care

When it comes to maintaining a thriving marine aquarium, choosing the right salt mix is crucial. Sea salt aquariums have gained popularity among aquarists due to their ability to closely mimic the natural conditions of the ocean. A high-quality marine salt mix is the cornerstone of a successful marine aquarium setup. At WIEGANDT, our marine salt mix is specially formulated to meet the specific needs of marine life, ensuring optimal water parameters for your aquarium.

Mixing Sea Salt for Your Aquarium – A Step-By-Step Guide

Wondering how to mix sea salt for your aquarium? It’s a straightforward process. Start with a clean container and high-quality sea salt mix. Measure the amount of salt mix required based on your aquarium’s size and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Gradually add the salt mix to freshwater, stirring continuously until fully dissolved. Use a reliable hydrometer to check salinity levels and make any necessary adjustments. With the right sea salt mix and proper mixing, you can create a marine environment that’s ideal for your aquatic companions.

Choosing the Best Salt for Your Aquarium Fish

Aquarium fish deserve nothing but the best, and selecting the right salt for your aquarium is paramount. The best salt for aquarium fish is a marine salt mix specifically designed for marine aquariums. It contains essential minerals and elements that marine fish need to thrive. Avoid using table salt or low-quality salts, as they lack the necessary elements and can harm your fish. Investing in a reputable marine salt mix guarantees that your aquarium fish enjoy a healthy and vibrant environment.

  1. Is Sea Salt Good for Aquarium?

    Absolutely! Sea salt is excellent for aquariums, particularly marine aquariums. It closely replicates the natural conditions of the ocean, providing essential minerals and maintaining stable water parameters. A high-quality marine salt mix is essential for the well-being of marine life in your aquarium.

  2. How Do You Mix Sea Salt for an Aquarium?

    Mixing sea salt for your aquarium is simple. Start with a clean container, add the required amount of high-quality marine salt mix based on your aquarium’s size, and dissolve it in freshwater while stirring continuously. Use a hydrometer to monitor salinity levels and adjust as needed to match the specific requirements of your marine inhabitants.

  3. What Salt Is Best for Aquarium Fish?

    The best salt for aquarium fish in marine aquariums is a reputable marine salt mix. This specially formulated mix provides the essential minerals and elements that marine fish require for optimal health and well-being. Avoid using table salt or low-quality salts, as they lack these vital components and can be harmful to your aquarium fish.

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