hw-Marinemix reefer®

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hw-Marinemix reefer® is specially designed to meet the elevated needs of minerals and specified trace-elements in a reef aquarium and the successful propagation of corals.

hw-Marinemix refer® is a special designed hw® marine salt formulation with the main focus on meeting and satisfying the requirements of high sophisticated reef aquariums with a strong population of stone corals, crustaceans, scallops and other invertebrates. The process of growth and also the natural pigmentation of organic tissues will be strongly improved and the micro biology of the complete aquarium system will strongly gain on stability.

  • Enriched with Calcium and Magnesium for enhanced coral growth
  • perfectly adapted to the requirements of up-to-date reef aquaristic
  • incomparable Bio-Catalyst-System, basing on the references of natural marine environment.
  • with natural amino acids and a organic stabilized iodine from.
  • Contains all natural elements and trace-elements of natural sea water
  • optimal carbonate hardness / alkalinity and natural stabilized pH-buffer-system
  • free of Nitrates, Phosphates and other unwanted chemical elements
  • High, clear and fast solubility in water


Things to know about hw-Marinemix reefer®

  • hw-Marinemix® reefer contains all trace-elements present in unpolluted natural tropical marine water, which stays completely and easily soluble thanks to the mixed-crystals in the composition. Micro precipitations of trace-elements like in other marine salts often the case, could therefore not occur with hw-Marinemix reefer.
  • hw-Marinemix® reefer is an adapted further development of the successfully hw-Marinemix® professional proven for decades and primarily takes the changed requirements of modern reef aquaristic into account.
  • hw-Marinemix® reefer process a higher Calcium and Magnesium concentration which is a essential precondition for the successful growing of organic reef structures.
  • hw-Marinemix® reefer makes it possible to cover the always existing increased demand of essential needed elements to ensure a healthy growing and development of marine reef organism, just by realizing the periodically water changes.
  • hw-Marinemix® reefer also considers the interactions in the water chemistry which occur due to an increased need for minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and bio-catalysts, and compensates all resulting interactions in a natural and to a natural extent.
  • hw-Marinemix® reefer has been proven beneficial especially when targeting the care and growth of skeletogenic corals and mollusks  and significantly contributes to the healthy  development and colonization of larvae.
  • Even with most delicate corals the reproduction through fragmentation is enhanced and damages of organic coral tissue will be obviously reduced.
  • hw-Marinemix® reefer is only produced with raw materials proved by us and meeting our high standards of quality. All used components are also used in the pharmaceutical production (as long as available, highest on the production of pharmaceutical products focused quality level).
  • hw-Marinemix® reefer is continuously monitored and tested by us providing on this way a high quality and a constant composition. Additionally monitoring and board band analysis through an independent and DIN EN 45 001 accredited testing laboratory is your guaranty for highest hw®-Quality.

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