hw®-Mineral-Salts for the comfortable re-mineralization and adaptation of water parameters

Depending how strong a aquarium is populated with different species of corals and other marine life forms, the concentrations of essential minerals can drop down very fast up to coming to a undersupply of these minerals. Specially the reef building organism like stone corals can generate a massive need of minerals when the growing conditions are favorable. The prime elements are hereby Calcium, Magnesium, Strontium and Carbonate, which are primly needed to build up the supporting skeleton of the corals. In the most classical marine aquarium this effect could be compensated just through the periodical weekly water changes . If the aquarium is a reef aquarium with a strong growing population of stone corals, the consumption of the minerals quickly reach levels which could not be only compensated by regular partly water changes.

hw CalciumMarin 1.000g

hw® CalciumMarin

Calcium-Additiv with CO²+ strong coral growth in reef aquarium.

hw-CalciumMarin® is the optimal calcium source with the CO2 + for all reef aquarium.

In contradiction to many on the market offered calcium additives, hw® CalciumMarin did not contain any components which will lead to a chemical disorder in the marine water composition.

hw® CalciumMarin stabilized the pH-value in the optimal level and conserves the natural-biological ion-balance of the marine water. Thanks to the unique formulation of hw® CalciumMarin.

Due to the special formulation of hw® CalciumMarin the supply of essential calcium, in a nature identical and ideal biologically absorbable form, is guaranteed.

hw Wiegandt, hw MagnesiumMarin, Kunststoffdose mit 1.000 g

hw® MagnesiumMarin

The biologically balanced and high concentrated magnesium additive for reef aquariums.

hw® MagnesiumMarin is the biologically equilibrated and high concentrated magnesium supply for marvelous reef tanks.

  • ultra pure composition without any aiding agents
  • ph-value and the natural ion-balance will stay unchanged
  • increases the natural growth capability of corals
  • consolidate the internal skeleton structure of the corals
  • free of unwanted trace-element additions

Magnesium is one of the key components of seawater and – similar to calcium (hw® CalciumMarin) – is needed by almost all hermatypic (reef-building) organisms. In photosynthesis, the electrons have to be energized in the magnesium center of chlorophylls; magnesium is required to grow a sturdy skeleton structure.

hw BufferMarin, Kunststoffdose mit 1.000 g

hw® BufferMarin

increases specifically the carbonate hardness / alkalinity and stabilized the pH-value in the optimal level.

hw® BufferMarin – for stabilizing and optimizing of the pH-value with simultaneous refilling of the natural buffer capacities (carbonate hardness / alkalinity) of the marine water.

  • for optimal pH-value buffering
  • optimizes the pH-value
  • improved the buffer capacities of the marine water
  • increases the carbonate hardness/alkalinity
  • made of pure raw materials
  • absolutely free of nitrates, phosphates and silicates

A stable pH-value is one of the most important and central preconditions to ensure the wellbeing and healthy growth of all maritime life forms in a marine aquarium.
hw® BufferMarin offers you a easy and simple applicable aiding tool to adjust and keep the pH-value in the recommended range of 8.0 to 8.5.
In the same way hw® BufferMarin stabilized and refills the buffer capacities of the aquarium water and prevent on this way possible hazards which could be caused by strong fluctuations in the pH-value.

hw Wiegandt, hw MineralMarin, PP-Eimer mit 5 kg
hw Wiegandt, hw MineralMarin, Kunststoffdose mit 1.000 g


NaCl-free marine salt to use as for compensating the disordered ion balance when practicing systems like the so called „Baling-Method“.

hw® MineralMarin is a NaCl-free marine salt formulation for special applications. It contains, except the not added NaCl compound, all component parts and ingredients of a high quality marine salt formulation. All trace-elements and also the hw® bio-elements are included in hw® MineralMarin.

hw® MineralMarin is an excellent  appliance to fix displacements in the ion balance of the aquarium water or just avoid then in the beginnings when practicing the „Baling-Method“.

The described displacements in the ion balance always must occurs when the supply of Calcium, Magnesium and Carbonates takes place over the addition of Calcium chloride, Magnesium chloride and Sodium bicarbonate.

By solving hw® MineralMarin into ph-neutral fresh water like from a reverse osmosis unit or a demineralization unit (ion exchanging unit) a nearly nature identically lake Tanganyika respective lake Malawi water.
The so prepared water is ideal to offer all animals and plants with provenance of this lakes nearly nature identically water conditions and parameters.

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One of the consequences would be that the corals would stop there growth and to degenerate in their growth forms, which can lead in some cases up to seriously damages in the organic tissue culminating in a complete die back of the coral.

Mostly it would be intended to too prevent such situation by adding simple salts like Calcium chloride and Magnesium chloride to the aquarium. In short terms this always better than nothing but over longer time it will come to a heavy displacement of ion balance of the aquarium water.

This will simple caused by the fact, that after the marine life forms has adsorbed for example the Calcium ion, the Chloride ion will still remain (remember you has added Calcium chloride to elevate the Ca-level). The same will happened with the added Magnesium chloride… the chloride will remain.

After several month the chloride ions will accumulate more and more in your Aquarium (by the periodical water changes you will always only remove a proportional part of the accumulated chlorides).

A component has to be added to „donate“  sodium ions for the over boarding amount of remaining chloride ions. The simplified end result would be in this way simple NaCl sodium chloride.

This rising up of the NaCl will take a long time period (several month) till it will be noticed by an slowly increase of the density/specific gravity/salinity of the water. Even this effect could be only reported if there was no normal water changes made over all this time period.
An increasing of the salinity, provoked by this effect  could be normally compensated by simply replacing a few liters of the aquarium water with freshwater. Minor fluctuations in the salinity would be tolerated in a reef tank similar like the seasonal fluctuations (monsoon rain in reef regions for example) in the reef regions. A permanent and steadily increasing ion displacement is a total unnatural procedure which will lead to corresponding reactions of the affected system.

With the hw® Mineral salt mixes you get the possibility to counteract mineral deficits without facing the negative effects of ion displacements in your reef tank. In contrary to most other offered products available on the market, hw® Mineral salt mixes do not cause or provoke any ion displacements in marine water.

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