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Calcium additive with CO² + for strong coral growth in reef aquariums.

hw-CalciumMarin® is the optimal calcium source with the CO2 + for all reef aquarium. In contradiction to many on the market offered calcium additives, hw® CalciumMarin did not contain any components which will lead to a chemical disorder in the marine water composition.

hw® CalciumMarin stabilized the pH-value in the optimal level and conserves the natural-biological ion-balance of the marine water. Thanks to the unique formulation of hw® CalciumMarin. Due to the special formulation of hw® CalciumMarin the supply of essential calcium, in a nature identical and ideal biologically absorbable form, is guaranteed.



Calcium additive with CO² + for strong coral growth in reef aquariums.

hw-CalciumMarin® significantly increases the growth and well-being of all hermatypic organisms in seawater aquariums. Reef-building organisms require a constant and sufficient supply of calcium for healthy growth. Calcium is absorbed with the help of the algae living in symbiosis with the corals, the so-called zooxanthellae, which in turn (in addition to a good light source) also require carbon dioxide (CO2) for their growth (= process of photosynthesis). hw-CalciumMarin® therefore contains biologically pure and optimal CO2 in addition to calcium. The carbon dioxide is needed by the zooxanthellae for photosynthesis, which prepares the calcium and makes it available to the corals so that they can grow their skeleton called corallite. Moreover, hw-CalciumMarin® also stabilizes the pH-value of the water by renewing the natural buffer capacity in the optimal range and maintains a biological and natural ion balance as well. Already used trace elements or other care products are not affected by this additive.

How to use:

Use 1 level measuring scoop for every 100 liters of aquarium water. This dosage increases the calcium content of the water by approx. 10 to 11 mg/l (1 measuring scoop = approx. 10 g of hw-CalciumMarin®). Spread the measured quantity of hw-CalciumMarin® into the outflow area of the filter or flow pump or scatter the granules gently across the entire water surface and ensure the water is sufficiently mixed to distribute the additive evenly. As with all water parameters, avoid any too sudden increase of the calcium content. Do not use more than 2 doses of hw-CalciumMarin® per day to increase any extremely low calcium contents.

IMPORTANT: To ensure that calcium precipitation does not turn the water cloudy, make sure the added hw-CalciumMarin® is dissolved completely before adding more. An accidental overdose may result in slightly cloudy water with suspended particles consisting of pure calcium, which may also slightly lower the pH-value of the water. Both symptoms are only temporary and have no negative effects.

Safety Information:

  • Keep and store out off reach of children!
  • Product is an eye and skin irritant.
  • Do not inhale dust.
  • Avoid contact with skin.

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