hw miratip

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Trace-elements for marine aquarium with mixed life stock and greater focus on keeping of ornamental fishes.

Due to a wide diversity of different biochemical processes in the complete system of the aquarium and also through growing and physical development of numberless organisms the trace elements of the marine water are successively reduced. If the concentration of trace-elements  in the marine water drops below a certain level, deficiency symptoms, noticeable through growth and development disorders,  could not be avoided.

hw® miratip adds all beneficial trace elements to the marine aquarium water that are used up by metabolism processes that continually take place in the sea water. hw® miratip enables the development of natural pigmentation and consistent growth, therefore eliminating common deficiency symptoms caused by lack of trace elements.

After the addition of hw-miratip the water is much clearer and the natural colors are more intense. hw® miratip contains no complexing agents or artificial generated element compounds!



Some of trace-elements contained in hw® miratip

Brom (Br), Fluor (F) and Iodine (I): This elements for example are counted to the most important trace-elements concerning the growth of crustaceans, horn corals and sponges. A deficit on this elements causes makes it difficult for these organisms  to fortify harden there supporting skeletons and can lead to problems in the mouling process of crabs and shrimps. Iodine (I) also plays a major role in the pigmentation of the living cell tissue.

The contained Molybdenum (Mo) and Vanadium (V) will be needed to produce several individual enzymes as also for the generation of complex enzymes. The contained selenium plays in all organism a important role as it would be needed to protect the cell membrane against damage through oxidation processes and serve the living cell as antioxidants (also known as free radical neutralizers).

The contained iron (Fe) is a indispensable component for the production of chlorophyll in plant cells and has a significant influence in coloration of the corals organic tissue.

The formulation of trace-elements in hw® miratip is a exactly synchronized and in his quantitative proportions coordinated, so that the elements can be easily absorbed by living cell complexes.

hw® miratip offers therefore a simple to use solution to avoid any possible trace-element deficiency symptoms in marine aquarium with mixed life stock.

Dosing recommendation / instructions

Initial dose:
5 ml per 100 liters (2 ml per 10 US gals) aquarium water.

Subsequent doses:
10 ml per 100 liters (4 ml per 10 US gals) every 7 days.

Keep inaccessible to children!
Avoid contact with skin and eyes!
After opening preferably use within 12 months!

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