Wiegandt aquarium hardware stands for sophisticated functionality, high quality and comprehensive service.

Also, in the field of aquarium hardware the name of Wiegandt stands for sophisticated functionality, high quality and comprehensive service.

All of our devices are manufactured in our factory in Krefeld/Germany by experienced specialists and go through a strict quality control that ensures a high manufacturing standard.

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Reverse osmosis hardware

Tap water is not an optimal aquarium water. It usually contains impurities such as Chlorine, nitrates and various heavy metals. There may also be residues of various pesticides. These small amounts are still relatively harmless to humans, but these contaminations can cause the greatest damage to our extremely sensitive aquarium inhabitants. Reverse osmosis systems offer the most economical and at the same time the most efficient method for obtaining the purest and softest water for marine and freshwater aquariums.

hw reverse osmosis devices: The most modern, environmentally friendly and effective method of water treatment.

When the assembling of the unit is finished, a detailed function and performance test is generally carried out and recorded on a computer-aided test bench for every single hw reverse osmosis device.

On this way, the retention rates, the quantitative ratio of ultrapure water to wastewater are checked precisely, and the retention rates (degree of purification of the water) are recorded precisely.

uv wasserklaerer 10 15 30 watt

hw UV-Watersterilizer

The effective protection against germ contamination, bacterial water clouding and floating algae in marine and freshwater aquariums. Aquarists know the problems: Despite careful care, their fish swim “cloudy water” or the long-awaited, successful propagation of their fish fails due to the fungal growth on the fish eggs…
The reason for this is usually a contamination of the aquarium water through fungal spores, bacterial microorganisms, water cloud or floating algae.
With the use of an hw Watersterilizer their spread will be prevented safely and without any harmful side effects

In the mini-ecosystem aquarium, the bacterial load is many times higher due to the very limited water volume in comparations to nature environments. Without the use of an hw-UV-Watersterilizer the load of unwanted microorganisms will steadily increase, leaving totally the natural balance.
With the installation of an hw-UV-Watersterilizer you can ensure a microbiological balance in your aquarium system and create near as possible natural conditions.

After final assembly all hw-UV-Watersterilizers are subjected to a function and pressure test with applied operating voltage to ensure 100% safety and function.

hw® density meter with thermometer

hw density meter with thermometer

The hw density meter is a precisely calibrated and individually checked precision measuring device for the exact determination of the density / salinity in sea water.

Fill an at least 22 cm / 9-inch-high glass jug or flower vase with the seawater you want to measure. Take the hw density meter and carefully insert it into your chosen measuring vessel. In accordance to get the most accurate measuring results you must ensure that the hw density meter has no contact with the be able to carry out the most exact measurement possible, the hw density meter should not have any contact with the interior wall of your measuring vessel and floats freely.

You can read off the measured value on the upper scale, at the lower meniscus (bulge of the water surface on the protruding measuring scale) of the hw density meter.

After the measurement you should rinse the hw density meter with fresh water and dry it carefully with a clean cloth. The hw density meter should be stowed in the provided protective sleeve to ensure a safe storage.

hw® lime wood air diffuser

Lime wood is far away from being simply “wood”.
Also, the common lime wood is not similar to lime wood used for the hw lime wood air diffuser.

The permeability of an air diffuser made with lime wood depends not only on its size and the diameter of its bore, it primarily depends on the choice of wood quality.

Trees that have grown too quickly, as supplied from southern Europe, has wide annual rings, a very soft wood (which rots quickly in the water) and coarse wood grain resulting in huger air bubbles. These lime trees are particularly inexpensive and easy to obtain, but air diffuser made from them can only be described as inferior. You can usually already recognize them at the unclean cut edges.

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Aquarium hardware

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