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hw Limewood air diffuser

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Lime wood is far away from being simply “wood”. Also, the common lime wood is not similar to lime wood used for the hw lime wood air diffuser.

The permeability of an air diffuser made with lime wood depends not only on its size and the diameter of its bore, it primarily depends on the choice of wood quality.

Trees that have grown too quickly, as supplied from southern Europe, has wide annual rings, a very soft wood (which rots quickly in the water) and coarse wood grain resulting in huger air bubbles. These lime trees are particularly inexpensive and easy to obtain, but air diffuser made from them can only be described as inferior. You can usually already recognize them at the unclean cut edges.

Quality differences in the choice of woods

A Lime tree that grow extremely slowly, as they often come from Scandinavia, has very small and narrow growth rings, a very hard wood and a low air permeability. Air diffuser made from such lime wood generally look very good, produce very fine air bubbles, but will also strain the aeration pump due to the very low air permeability and the needed pressure.

The best limewood air diffuser is made from trees that have grown neither too quickly nor too slowly and therefore have just the right strength. hw lime wood air diffuser is only made from such selected lime wood.

hw®-Limewood air diffuser don’t just only name so, they are 100% made from real limewood from selected trees.

This results in a much finer air diffusion, than with other aerating stones. Experience has shown that hw lime wood air diffuser can be used much longer without any maintenance, than any other wooden made air diffuser.

hw®-Limewood air diffuser last at least three and often up to six months under normal conditions.

Real hw®-Limewood air diffuser can always be identified through the branded hw-Logo.

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Size III, 65 mm, blistered, Size II, 45 mm, blistered, 50 x size III, 65mm, stock pack, 50 x size II, 45mm, stock pack

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