hw tracetip-1

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As trace elements, hw-tracetip-2 contains, among other elements:

  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Rubidium
  • Strontium
  • Lithium, … etc

Component of 2 individually applicable trace element solutions for marine reef tanks with high life stock density of corals.



Trace-elements for marine reef tanks

Combined method of 2 individual to applied trace-element solutions for marine reef tanks with high life stock density of corals.

When developing our hw® tracetip 1 and hw® tracetip 2, we focused mainly on the enhanced and special needs of marine reef tanks, to meet the elevated requirements of needed trace-elements. In same time a high user friendliness should be given and over all a easily absorption of the supplied trace-elements be granted. To ensure that all trace-elements will be stable, even under the high concentration in the final solutions, only selected chemicals  with extremely high purity and analysis certification
are used in the manufacturing processes.

hw® tracetip 1 and hw® tracetip 2 contains all trace-elements and element compounds which would be needed by corals. hw® tracetip 1 and hw® tracetip 2 does not contain any colorants, preserving agents or any complexing or chelating agents.

With the user friendly application of only  2 preparation, hw® tracetip 1 and hw® tracetip 2, the complete supply of trace-elements for a marine reef aquarium is ensured.

Just after a few application it is noticeable that the coral polyps became more strength and begins to open wider. After a few weeks of regularly use a noticeable growth enhancement can be reported and the corals became a more distinctive pronounced, natural coloration.

Dosing recommendation for marine reef aquariums/tanks with high life stock density.

Starting dosing is 15 ml of each solution (hw® tracetip 1 and hw® tracetip 2) per 100 liters (26,42 US gal) aquarium water every 7 days. Add always to the strongest flow area ( for example the flow pump outlet) in the aquarium, so that a fast diversification in the complete water volume is given.

If, after initial good progresses in the overall development of the corals, the coloration brightness of the corals tissue begins to decline, so is it possible that the reason can be found in a possible overdosing. In this case the next outstanding dosing should be reduced to 1/3 part of the last time applied quantity. After a few days the coloration of the coral tissue will recover and the dosing quantity can be slowly increased.

In the following week the dosing should be increased in little steps, till the corals shows a optimal, natural color representation. Once this point has been reached, the optimum dosing quantity for your marine reef aquarium has be found and should be kept also for all following dosing.

Important! hw® tracetip 1 and hw® tracetip 2 should be never ever been mixed! Always use the individual measuring cup of each preparation when dosing to the aquarium.

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