hw high volume fine filter 5µ

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hw high volume ultra-fine filter with 5µ mesh size, with transparent filter housing for easy control of filter loading. For all reverse osmosis systems.



The hw® high volume ultra-fine filter removes solid fine particles from the tap water before they can reach and clog the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane. The hw® high-volume ultra-fine filters were primarily developed for systems with higher water flow. Due to the significantly higher intake volume, the risk of a filter break through is almost eliminated. The service life of hw® high-volume ultra-fine filters corresponds to approximately 20 times that of a conventional filter cartridge. Thanks to the transparent filter housing, the filter condition can be checked visually at any time, making maintenance work considerably easier.

hw® large-volume fine filters remove fine dirt particles down to a minimum size of 5 µm before they reach the membrane of the reverse osmosis system and unnecessarily stress or possibly even damage it.

hw® high volume fine filters increase the performance of reverse osmosis membranes and extend their service life. hw® high-volume fine filters are made of a fully synthetic special material and have a continuously decreasing pore size towards the inside. This ensures that coarse material cannot block the extremely fine 5 µm filter pores in the core zone on the filter surface.

In this way, an even utilization of the entire filter volume is guaranteed, so that the hw® high volume fine filter can be loaded up to the core zone before the water throughput is noticeably reduced. Thanks to the transparent housing, the loading status of the hw® high-volume fine filter can be checked easily and at any time.
hw® high volume ultra-fine filters are installed directly in front of the reverse osmosis system.

hw® high volume ultra-fine filter, complete with filter insert and hose connections. Available separately: filter insert for hw® high volume fine filter.

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