hw silica acid / silicate remover

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hw Silica Silicate Remover, for the safe removal of unwanted silicates and silica from osmosis water.



For the complete removal of silica acid or silicates from the osmosis water

hw® silicic acid / silicate removers were primarily developed to remove the residual silicate that is often still present in the ultrapure water (permeate) of reverse osmosis systems. The removing of this remaining silicate, significantly limit the growth of diatoms in the seawater aquarium.

However, the hw® silica acid / silicate remover can do more than just neutralize silica acids. In addition to silicic acid, hw® silicic acid / silicate remover also removes traces of nitrite, nitrate and phosphate.

The hw® silicic acid / silicate removers remove the residual amounts of silica contained in the osmosis water and thus lead to a significant reduction in the growth of diatoms in seawater.
Aquariums. Thus, hw® silicic acid / silicate removers guarantee an absolutely high-purity source water that is completely free of all pollutants.

hw® silicic acid / silicate removers are installed after the reverse osmosis system at the ultrapure water outlet. The capacity is sufficient for approx. 2,500-3,000 liters, depending on the quality (total residual salts) of the osmosis water passed through.

hw® silicic acid / silicate remover, complete with medium cartridge and hose connections.

Available separately: replacement cartridge for hw® silicic acid / silicate remover.

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How Do You Remove Silicates from an Aquarium?

Removing silicates from an aquarium is essential for maintaining water quality and preventing issues like diatom algae blooms. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Choose the Right Filter Media: Utilize high-quality filter media specifically designed to remove silicates, such as silicate remover pads or specialized silicate-absorbing resins.
  • Regular Water Changes: Regular water changes help dilute silicate levels in the aquarium. Use purified or RO/DI water to minimize silicate introduction.
  • Monitor Feeding: Be mindful of the type and quantity of food you provide to your fish. Overfeeding can lead to higher silicate levels.
  • Maintain Cleanliness: Regularly clean and maintain your aquarium to reduce organic matter and detritus, which can contribute to silicate buildup.
  • Check Water Sources: Test the water source you use for your aquarium for silicate levels. Consider using purified or RO/DI water if your tap water has high silicate content.

What Filter Media Removes Silicates?

Effective removal of silicates from aquarium water relies on using specialized filter media designed for this purpose. These filter media options can effectively remove silicates:

  • Silicate Remover Pads: Silicate remover pads are designed to be placed in your aquarium’s filter. They contain materials that adsorb silicates, helping to reduce their concentration in the water.
  • Silicate-Absorbing Resins: These resins are specifically formulated to bind and remove silicates from the water. They can be used in a dedicated reactor or a filter media bag within your filtration system.
  • Phosphate Removal Media: Some phosphate removal media, such as certain iron-based products, can also help remove silicates as a secondary benefit.
  • Regular Filter Maintenance: Ensuring that your mechanical and biological filter media are clean and well-maintained can indirectly help by reducing the accumulation of organic matter that can lead to silicate issues.

Remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the use of these filter media products and monitor water parameters regularly to ensure effective silicate control in your aquarium.

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