hw UV-Watersterilizer Model 4000



For Aquariums and Tanks up to 4.000 Liter / 880US gal. water volume

The effective protection against germ contamination, bacterial water clouding and floating algae in marine and freshwater aquariums.

  • Recommended circulating water volume: 4.000 Liter
  • Germ reduction at approx. 2.000 l/h: 90%
  • Germ reduction at approx. 1.500 l/h: 99%
  • Device length: 1.330 mm
  • Diameter of the connectors: 20 mm
    (16/22 Tube)
  • Power consumption: 75 Watt
  • Porportion of emitted UV-C radiation: 34 %
  • UV-C performance: 25.500 mW
  • Average life time of the UV-C-burner: 10.000 – 12.000 h

Replacement part:
UV-C-burner with glass jacket, Art.-Nr. 063075.00
Download: Operation guide



The effective protection against germ contamination, bacterial water clouding and floating algae in marine and freshwater aquariums.

Aquarists know the problems: Despite careful care, their fish swim “cloudy water” or the long-awaited, successful propagation of their fish fails due to the fungal growth on the fish eggs…
The reason for this is usually a contamination of the aquarium water through fungal spores, bacterial microorganisms, water cloud or floating algae.

With the use of an hw®-UV-Watersterilizer their spread will be prevented safely and without any harmful side effects. In the mini-ecosystem aquarium, the bacterial load is many times higher due to the very limited water volume in comparations to nature environments. Without the use of an hw®-UV-Watersterilizer the load of unwanted microorganisms will steadily increase, leaving totally the natural balance.With the installation of an hw®-UV-Watersterilizer you can ensure a microbiological balance in your aquarium system and create near as possible natural conditions.

hw®-UV-Watersterilizer are a special construction that has proven itself more than 100,000 times in research institutions, in the commercial sector and in ambitious hobby aquaristics.

Due to the extremely large contact surface to the direct UV-C radiation source in connection with a small layer thickness (3 to 4 mm) of the water to be irradiated, such an intensive irradiation is achieved as would otherwise only be achieved by devices with wattages almost twice as high.

In a closed radiation chamber, the aquarium water is directed past an artificial, high-intensity UV-C radiation source. The bacterial microorganisms, cloudy water and floating algae in the water are so intensively irradiated with UV-C radiation that they are killed directly or are no longer capable of cell division and die.

The special glass jacket used acts as a UV-C radiation reflector, which reflects the UV-C radiation back into the radiation room. In this way, the intensity of the radiation is significantly increased again and an increased power yield is realized. At the same time, the special glass jacket enables a precise function check of the UV-C burner as well as a status check of the radiation room.
The visible light penetrating outwards is completely filtered and completely harmless (corresponding to the light emission of a normal neon fluorescent tube …).

When UV-C radiation takes place, sterilized water from the hw®-UV-Watersterilizer constantly mixes with germ-rich water from the aquarium (nitrification bacteria in the filter and in the bottom of the aquarium are not damaged by UV-C radiation). So it is not a complete “disinfection” of the entire aquarium water, but a strong germ reduction (maximum germ reduction in the entire aquarium system approx. 98%) of the aquarium water.

This is extremely important and necessary, because the germs remaining in the water (approx. 2 to 3%) maintain the antibody production of the fish against pathogens and strengthen their immune system.

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