hw Standard filter for reverse osmosis systems


hw standard filter for hw reverse osmosis system. hw ultra-fine filter with 5µ mesh size and hw carbon filter with activated carbon, both as welded cartridges.



hw fine filter (5µ)

The hw® fine filter is the standard pre-filter for the hw reverse osmosis devices. It consists of a special composite material that was developed specifically for use in membrane technology. It is strongly advised not to work with other filter materials, since small particles can always be detached from these materials, which can settle in or on the membrane surface and can lead to a permanent decrease in performance.

With a max. mesh size of 5µ the filter protects the membrane from fine particles like sediments and deposits from the water supply system. These particles would otherwise clog the fine structures of the membrane surface in a relatively short time and makes the membrane unusable.

The hw® ultra-fine filter should definitely be changed every 12 months to ensure optimal water flow and pressure on the membrane surface.

hw carbon filter (activated carbon filter)

The hw® carbon filter is installed on all hw reverse osmosis devices and, depending on the area of application of the hw reverse osmosis devices and the respective standards of the water supplier, fulfills a wide variety of tasks.

Since the hw polyvinyl membrane can withstand chlorine concentrations of up to 1 mg / l, it is usually connected to the permeate output of the hw reverse osmosis devices as the last stage to optimize the quality of the ultrapure water. In geographic areas in which so-called shock chlorination can be expected from drinking water suppliers (Southern Europe, Spain, Greece, etc.), the hw® carbon filter is connected between the hw® fine filter and the membrane module.

During such shock chlorination’s, it is not uncommon that the chlorine concentration can over pass 10 mg / l, which then can also cause permanent damage to the hw® polyvinyl membrane.
The hw® carbon filter should be replaced at least every 6 – 8 months, regardless of the water volume removed. After this period, there is otherwise the possibility that the activated carbon could be colonized by bacteria, which can lead to a deterioration in the water quality.

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Feine filter 5µ, Activated carbon filter

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