hw Reverse osmosis compact plus with pressure increase

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hw Reverse osmosis compact plus with pressure increase, models for domestic water pressure. Outstanding hw membrane quality, high retention rates, with tested performance data.



Series: hw® Kompakt-Plus

The devices of the hw® Kompakt-Plus series are designed for professional use in breeding facilities and areas with high water requirements with minimal maintenance.
The maintenance effort for these systems is limited to changing the ultra-fine and optional additional filters (hw® silica / silicate filters).

By connecting a simple float switch and a solenoid valve, it is easy to implement individual control circuits and supplies that are otherwise only possible with complex large systems.

Installation and installation requirements

The installation of the system can be carried out in the simplest way and is limited to the presence of a water inlet, a water drainage facility and a 220 volt standard socket.

Like the other hw® reverse osmosis devices from our range, the devices are completely assembled in our factory and subjected to an in-depth performance test. The specified performance data are determined in our in-house test facilities and are logged with all test parameters. This ensures a high quality standard and the individual course of the performance curve of each device can be traced back at any time.

How hw® reverse osmosis systems work:

The hw reverse osmosis is a natural and environmentally friendly process for physically removing dissolved salts and pollutants from the water. In this process, the water from the household supply is pressed against a semipermeable (= semi-permeable) membrane by the tap water pressure (2 to 6 bar). During this process, only the purest water can penetrate the membrane of the hw reverse osmosis system, salts and pollutants as well as impurities are reliably retained by the membrane and discharged together with the residual water (concentrate).

The water obtained in this way is ultrapure water (permeate) and, except for the slightest traces that can hardly be traced, is free from harmful impurities. The largest part (95% -99%) of the pollutants dissolved in the tap water cannot penetrate the membrane.

All hw® reverse osmosis systems are equipped as standard with an hw flushing valve, which has been optimally adapted to the respective membrane in the factory. After performing a rinsing process, it is ensured that the system is always operated in the optimal ultra-pure to waste water ratio. An accidental misalignment is excluded.

The heart of all hw® reverse osmosis

The hw®-TFC polyvinyl membrane

hw® reverse osmosis systems are exclusively equipped with a unique, fully synthetic membrane, the hw®-TFC polyvinyl membrane. It far exceeds conventional membrane types (acetate, triacetate or polysulfone membranes) in terms of stability and retention. This membrane consists of a fully synthetic material developed exclusively for hw®, which can be used with conventional membrane types, e.g. Acetate, triacetate or polysulfone membranes, far outperforming. This means that the hw®-TFC polyvinyl membrane cannot be attacked or even eaten by bacteria, even when it has been down for several weeks (up to 3 months!).

The hw® reverse osmosis systems tolerate salt contents of up to 2,000 mg per liter and are insensitive to carbonate hardness up to 22˚dKH and insensitive to chlorine concentrations up to 1 mg per liter of raw water.

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