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Micro nutritional solution for marine reef tanks

hw® nanotip is a micro-nutritional solution which has been specially developed for the nutritional requirements of corals, molluscs, sponges, and other filtrating marine life forms. The composition and structure of hw® nanotip has been  recreated corresponding to the natural food sources. hw® nanotip contains dissolved nutrients, micronutrients and nutrients in particle size, which will be taken up like natural marine plankton.



Micro nutritional solution for the reef aquarium and saltwater aquarium

Even like the fishes in the aquarium depends on regular feeding, so the corals, sponges and all other through filtration feed marine organisms needs additional organic nutrients which they actively filtrate out the surrounding water. In the natural marine environment a very wide range of particle sized organic nutrients, zooplankton and phytoplankton are available in sufficient quantities at all times. In the artificial and restricted system of our marine reef tanks this feed sources are virtually non-existent but with hw® nanotip we can offer a nature like method to resolve and fixe this shortcoming in the marine reef tank.

hw® nanotip is a special combination of nutrients which has been developed by relaying on the composition and structure of the  natural food sources. hw® nanotip contains a wide range of dissolved nutrients, micronutrients and particle sized food which will be taken up like natural zoo- and phytoplankton.  The uptake through the corals is often to observe by an increase of coral polyp expansion. To achieve an even distribution in the aquarium it is recommended to add hw® nanotip directly in the region of the water inlet or the flow pumps of the aquarium.

Recommendation of use / Dosing instructions:

For the first application in a reef aquarium with a medium stocking density, please add 2 ml (please use enclosed dosing cap with ml scale) for every 100 liters (26,42 US gal.) with an interval of approx. 5 days.

For reef aquarium with a high stocking density and therefore an enhanced need of nutrients the dosing can be elevated up to approx. 5 ml for every 100 liters, with an interval of approx. 5 days. Also possible is to keep the dosage of 2 ml/100 liters by shorten the dosing intervals from 5 to 2 days.

An overdosing is harmless, but should be avoided as to reduce the herewith unavoidable involved increase of nitrogen load to the aquarium water.

Shake the bottle well before using and store in refrigerator after opening.

Do not store the product above 25°C / 77°F.

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