hw reduvit

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pH-value reducer for marine and fresh water

hw®-reduvit lowers quickly and reliable the pH-value in marine and fresh water aquarium without disturbing negatively the delicate ion balance of the aquarium water. The reduction of the pH-value will be achieved through a release of natural acids, which reduces the alkalis bringing the pH-value back to the desired level.



For lowering the ph level and carbonate hardness in freshwater aquariums and marine aquariums.

hw reduvit reliably lowers the pH value in freshwater and saltwater aquariums without adversely affecting the sensitive ion balance of the aquarium water. As in nature, the pH value is lowered by purely mineral means, through the release of acids and the use of basic substances.

Also in nature, the pH value of water is mainly determined by the minerals dissolved in the water and washed out of the soil layers. With hw reduvit this natural process has been reproduced by bringing basic minerals into solution and stabilizing them. This leads to a balanced pH-value adjustment. The pH-value adjusted with hw reduvit remains stable at the set value for a long time and under normal conditions a re-dosing has to be done only during a water change.

The problem of optimal pH adjustment is about as old as the history of aquaristics. In most cases, the available remedies were afflicted with more or less obvious side effects, cumbersome to use and usually limited in their effectiveness. With hw reduvit, a product is now available to the passionate aquarist which combines simple application without negative influences for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


Recommendation of use / Dosing

As initial dose add as maximum

2,5 ml hw® reduvit per 100 liters aquarium water


1 ml hw® reduvit per 10 US gal  aquarium water

Wait till the products has distributed through the water circulation in the aquarium and make a pH-value check. Continue with the addition till your desired pH-value has been reached.
Due to natural biological processes in the aquarium, it may be necessary to check in the following 48 hours the pH-value and make an adjustment with an additional dosing of hw® reduvit  (stabilization of the pH-value).

After the fixation and stabilization of the pH-value, a re-dosing normally would be only necessary when a major water change will be made.

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