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Bio-elements, bio-catalysts, bioactive components as well as amino acids, created to offer optimal care conditions in modern reef tanks.

For marine aquaristics, the use of hw®-biotip means a fundamental progress. With hw®-biotip, not only is the care of the most sensitive marine organisms becomes much more unproblematic, also the propagation and breeding of many marine live forms is also made much easier.

hw®-biotip enhances and protects the natural metabolic processes of living cells in seawater aquariums and contains only those biological and bioactive substances which are also present in the seawater of the natural and unpolluted reef regions.

In combination with hw®-nanotip, hw®-biotip is an ideal nutrient concentrate for all corals and invertebrates.

In addition to other amino acids, hw®-biotip contains the following vitamins:

Vitamin A, B1, B12, C, E, H, PP, meso-inositol as well as the amino acids glycine, leucine and L-tyrosine.



hw®-biotip = Bio-Elements

Bio-elements, bio-catalysts, bioactive components as well as amino acids, created to offer optimal care conditions in modern reef tanks.

hw®-biotip consist of bio-elements which are amino acids and bio active components in same kind like present in the natural marine water. hw® biotip improves and protects the natural metabolic processes of all living cells in the aquarium. Contains beside other components:  Vitamin A, B1, B12, C, E, H, PP, Meso-inosit  as also the  amino acids Glycin, Leucin und L-Tyrosin

hw®-biotip contains the same bio-elements which are part of the hw® Marinemix professional and hw® Marinemix reefer formulation. The bio-elements would be absorbed from all marine live forms and reduced by the enhanced biological processes in the  aquarium, in a relatively short time and should be replaced periodically. To keep the livestock of the aquarium in optimum conditions we developed hw®-biotip, which contains all bio-elements of our hw® Marinemix formulations in a liquid and easy to apply form.

Involved in every natural ecological system in the numerous metabolic processes apart from inorganic trace elements are also organic catalysts, generally known as „enzymes“. Caused by the complexity of the matter this fact would be likely ignored or not brought to discussion. The enzymes, usually consisting of proteins reduce the activation energy necessary for each metabolic reaction and thus accelerate chemical conversion. Conversion is initiated by an inactive protein component in conjunction with an active coenzyme, where the coenzyme generally determines the reaction and its process.

This important bio-catalysts, important for the metabolic processes of animals and plants,  are mostly missing in the artificial environment of an aquarium and would be biodegraded by the metabolic processes or neutralized through chemical processes. hw®-biotip will avoid the upcoming of such deficiencies on bio-catalysts through its balanced composition of  co-enzymes and growth factors which are essentially for the metabolic processes, the production of hormones, visual functionality, pigment formation and the fertility of the fauna and flora. hw® biotip is therefore a big step forward for optimal keeping and healthy breeding conditions in a professional reef aquarium. During the development of hw®-biotip we was also specially focused on the importance of the element Cobalt as co-enzyme cyanocobalamin which could only be absorbed in a very small percentage through the organism, and must be therefore offered in a corresponding dosing.

Brief introduction to the main ingredients:

  • Meso-inosite:
    Constituent of every living cell; encourages cation transport through the cell membrane and stimulation of the nerves.  Growth factor for numerous types of animal cell.
  • Nicotinamide:
    Constituent of the cell building substance NADP (nicotineamide-adenine dinucleotide).  Particularly important for hydrogen transport in biological oxidation.
  • Tryptophane: 
    Serves as a transmitter substance for the nerve ends.
  • Tyrosine:
    Thyroid hormone; encourages pigment formation.
  • Cyanocobalamin:
    Vitamin B12.  Coenzyme, growth factor; encourages lipid and carbohydrate metabolism as well as the formation of blood.
  • Retinol:
    Vitamin A.  Indispensable as a pigment for the retina, for reproductiveness, contributes to the stability of the lipoprotein membrane of the cell and subcellular particles.
  • Alpha tocopherol:
    Vitamin E.  Acts as an antioxidant; protects the fatty acids, retinol and enzymes against oxidation; also influences the absorption of cyanocobalamin and nuclein metabolism; antisterility vitamin.
  • Ascorbic acid:
    Vitamin C.  Serves for the formation and maintenance of the collagen level; reducer in tyrosine metabolism; protects the organism against a deficiency of other vitamins, also encourages adrenalinogenesis.
  • Glycine:
    Amino-acetic acid.  Cell protein building substance; for blood pigment synthesis.
  • Leucine:
    Amino-isocaproic acid.  Cell protein building substance.
  • Thiamine:
    Vitamin B1.  Coenzyme function for degradation of carbohydrates.
  • D-Biotin:
    Vitamin H.  Growth factor, among other things for nanoplankton; also synthesized in plants.  Biotin is a coenzyme for CO2 fixation and transcarboxylation in the presence and involvement of magnesium ions.

Dosage recommendation:

To ensure an optimum supply of bio-element for all maritime life forms in your aquarium we recommend the following dosage: Add one dosing cap (20 ml) for every 100 liters (26,42 US gallon) aquarium water in a weekly addition.

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